A Prayer for Friendship with Jesus

Being at home during the present Health Pandemic has hopefully reminded us of the time that we have daily to talk with our friend: Jesus.  Below is a prayer that we might all consider as we all grow in friendship with Jesus.


Jesus – You who walked this earth and knew
people just like me – help me to grow in deeper
friendship with You. Help me to know how
much You, and God the Father, love me for
who I am and who You created me to be.

Remain close with me throughout my day,
in my trials and in my triumphs. And like all
good friends, help me to trust that You have
my best interests at heart. Help me to know
You through Scripture and prayer.

Allow me the grace and honor of reflecting back
our friendship in my actions towards my family,
friends, co-workers, and neighbors. And help me
always to be Your hands and heart when someone
in my life needs help and friendship. I ask
all this in Your holy name. Amen

Action to consider: Make several copies of this prayer and pass it along to your spouse, to your children… to anyone!