Answers to Do You Know Fr. Joe Quiz!!

Did you take the Do You Know Fr. Joe Quiz?  Want to see how well you did?  Here are your answers:

  1. Where did Fr. Joe grow up?  D) Watervliet
  2. Where did Fr. Joe go to High School?  B) Keveny in Cohoes
  3. At what age did Fr. Joe know he wanted to be a priest?  A) Age 7
  4. From age 12 to age 24 – What “job” did Fr. Joe have during the “summers”?  B) Caddy
  5. What person has Fr. Joe had dinner with?  A) Rita Wilson (wife of Tom Hanks)
  6. What seminary did Fr. Joe attend for theology (Gaudete School), also known as the “Cradle of Bishops?”  C) Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD
  7. How many brothers and sisters does Fr. Joe have?  B) 4
  8. In what year was Fr. Joe ordained a priest?  A) 1975
  9. What is one of Fr. Joe’s favorite dinners? (Only one answer is correct; the other three are nowhere near his favorite)  B) Meatloaf
  10. What Bishop ordained Fr. Joe as a priest?  D) Bishop Broderick
  11. How long has Fr. Joe been Pastor of St. Mary’s?  C) 10 Years
  12. When Fr. Joe is in his car, what radio station had he never listened to?  D) Velvet Radio
  13. In what city has Fr. Joe never lived as a priest?  C) Cohoes, NY
  14. How many “Hole in One’s” does Fr. Joe have?  B) Two
  15. What one thing has Fr. Joe never done?  A) Gone kayaking
  16. What TV show has Father never watched (for more than 10 minutes)?  D) This is Us
  17. Fr. Joe has a sister who lives in what state:  C) Florida
  18. In what year was Fr. Joe born?  B) 1949

Tie Breaker Question:

19. Name the first name of 2 of the four siblings of Fr. Joe:  Denise, George, Steve and Michele