Ash Wednesday

As we grow in wisdom and grace… as the Lenten Season approaches we begin to consider not what we will be “giving up” for Lent, rather we begin to consider how we can seize the opportunity to be all that God has called us to be.   A holy, healthy and loving person… a Disciple of Jesus committed to transforming our faith into real-life action.

So this Lent maybe we need to consider 5 things not to do this Lent:

1. DO NOT GIVE UP.  Instead of giving up something for Lent, try doing something that will bring you closer to God.

  • Attend Mass weekly and participate fully.
  • Spend some time reflecting on the Sunday Readings.
  • Make a donation to your favorite charity.
  • Say a prayer for someone who is struggling.
  • Read a book like “Resisting Happiness” this Lent.

2. DO NOT SWEAT IT.  Whatever you commit to this Lent, give it your best.  If you slip up… OK, start again.  No one is perfect.

3. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF.  Lent is not about going on a diet or losing weight.  Lent is about the conversion of hearts.  Our hearts.

4. DO NOT MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT THAN IT IS.  The three pillars of Lent are: PRAYER, FASTING, and ALMSGIVING.  Find simple ways to pray, fast and give to the poor.

 5. DO NOT HOLD BACK.  Lent will present us with many opportunities to:

  • Convert our hearts and our lives
  • Heal broken relationships
  • Grow closer to God.

 When we find ourselves presented with such opportunities;  embrace it.

May the Ashes we receive today, be a reminder to LIVE LENT, so we can live a more authentic faith long after Lent has ended.