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Christmas Giving Tree is in the Gathering Area

The Christmas Giving Tree will be in the Gathering Area of the Church beginning at the Thanksgiving Vigil Mass, November 21, 2018 and ending on Sunday, December 16, 2018 (11/21/18 – 12/16/18).

Please take an ornament from the Giving Tree, purchase the gift and place your ornament on the wrapped gift.  We ask that you return all gifts to the church no later than Sunday, 12/16/18 as gifts will be delivered on Monday, 12/17/18.

If you have any questions, please call MaryBeth McMahon 518-369-4995.

Thanks to all for your caring and generosity!!

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily for The Feast of Christ the King: CLICK HERE!

For us as Americans, today’s Feast of Christ the King may seem a bit odd or difficult for we who live in a Democracy and not a Monarchy. Yet the Kingdom that our Scriptures refer to is the Kingdom of God.

A kingdom of peace and justice, a kingdom of mercy, generosity and truth, a kingdom of life and love for all with our God, the King of Kings.

And our entry to the Kingdom of God; our citizenship papers and our passports are our Baptismal Certificates.

And as citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are called, we are sent out to share the divine life – to witness to Christ the King and his gifts of life and eternal life here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Let me share a true story of how we are able as a person or a family or parish to make the Kingdom of God real to others, at any time.

This Thursday, I had dinner with friends at a local restaurant. They mentioned that they were going to help a woman with three children move into her apartment later in the afternoon. They mentioned that she had few things to move.

I shared that I had some furniture from my mother’s apartment that she could have. So later that day, this woman and my friends arrived and we loaded some household items I had and a couch and a desk and some lamps into the truck.  Then standing next to a new kitchen trash can, I asked the woman if she could use the trash can. She said that she could, she did not have one.

Here is a woman with three children trying to get back on her feet. With all that I and we have, often more than we need or use, how can we help and in doing so, “make the Kingdom of God here on Earth a reality for another.”

Just today, I called my friends to share that I had some end tables that were my mother’s in the Rectory and asked if she could use them.   (And she can)

And when these items are picked up, the generosity of a Parishioner will help this family with some extra food and a few gift cards for Christmas for the children and mother.”

As I was putting my final thoughts together, I turned on the TV and saw the sign off of a TV host who shared, “May your lives be filled with beauty, truth and goodness.”

And maybe thru us, may the lives of others be filled with beauty, truth and goodness in ways that make real the Kingdom of God here on Earth as it is in heaven, 365 days a year.

Dec. 7: Parish Paint Party

Join us on Friday, December 7, 2018 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm for another fun Parish Paint Party!

We will be painting the festive Christmas Tree that you see with this post. 

All are welcome, beginners especially!

Cost is $15/person & all materials will be provided!  You must pre-register for this event so that we supplies for everyone.  Please call Stephanie at 518-371-9632 or email her at to register by Thursday, December 6th. 

Debbie finds a special joy in encouraging children and adults to use their creative gifts. She really values the process of developing art and sharing the journey with others, especially beginners.

Debbie began painting as a healing therapy while recovering from cancer surgery 6 years ago. She has continued learning and teaching as a way to maintain health and well being.

If you have any questions about the paint party, give Debbie a call at 440-341-0568.


Dec. 3 & 4: Confirmation Sessions on Prayer

December 3 & 4 at 6:30 pm – Here at St. Mary’s, Crescent

The second of five mandatory Confirmation Sessions will be held on: Monday, December 3, 2018 at 6:30 pm here at St. Mary’s, Crescent and will be repeated on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the same location.

For more information, etc…please contact Robyn in the Faith Formation Office at 518-371-9521 or via email at