Christmas Eve Vigil Mass

To watch Fr. Joe’s Homily from the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass: CLICK HERE!

I saw a Peanuts cartoon this week, with Charlie Brown and Linus sitting next to each other.  Charlie Brown says, “maybe this is not the Christmas to ask for everything we want, Linus.” And he then continues, “Maybe this year we just need to be thankful for all we have.”

Words of Wisdom for sure.

It’s been a tough 9 months due to the Pandemic and although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it is a very long tunnel we will need to walk thru in the coming months before we reach the end of it.

So keep wearing a mask, socially distancing, keep washing hands, avoiding large groups… And, I know that once it becomes available, I will be getting a vaccine.

What’s this all have to do with Christmas and the birth of Jesus?

The time of Jesus was a difficult time to be living for many reasons and it was a time when people were looking, waiting for the one who is to come… Much like our situation at present.

Remember what the Disciples of John the Baptist said to Jesus, “Are you the one or are we to look for another?”  Jesus was the one!

Jesus was the light in time of darkness…

Jesus was the hope of people in their troubles, needs and wants…

Jesus was the promise made flesh: Emmanuel, God with us.

And this Christmas, like the first Christmas, we too are reminded that Jesus is the one. Jesus in our hope, our light, our life for our time also.

Like the Jesus who asked his followers – Do you believe?  We too say, as they did, “Yes, Lord, you know that I believe.”

As we know, there is more.  Our words of faith, hope and love need to become flesh… they need to be seen.

Maybe this Christmas is the year to look back and see how the Son of God, Jesus the light of the world, came into our lives and the lives of other bringing comfort and joy, hope, compassion, forgiveness, caring and sharing and so much more during these pandemic days.

Hopefully, Christmas reminds us again that God’s love and care are not a once a year holiday, but proof that the promised one – Emmanuel: God with Us – continues to enter our world and the lives of others through our “God-like” actions of faith, hope and love, yesterday, today and tomorrow, as person, family and church.

God blesses us… May we be that same blessing to others now and always!

Merry Christmas!