Christmas Eve Vigil Mass

To watch Father Joe’s homily from the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass: CLICK HERE! 

Christmas can remind us of so many things and people.  Peace on Earth, lit trees, wrapped and unwrapped presents, red and green decorations, laughter with family and friends, and then a silent night of some 2000 years ago.

The words, “Be not afraid,” proclaimed to the Shepherds in today’s Gospel begs the question, “What is it that we should not be afraid of?”

The answer is quite simple… do not be afraid to love!

Do not be afraid to open our hearts to others, to forgive, to embrace the blessings God sends our way.

The Miracle of Christmas, the greatest act of love ever revealed to the world, involved a YES, when Jesus embraced His Father’s request that he become flesh and blood to save a broken world.

But what you and I celebrate as people of faith at Christmas is the reality that GOD is HERE, present among us, working within us, NOW.

So maybe this Christmas 2017, we might ask ourselves how will we allow the YES of Jesus, the YES of so many people of faith who have gone before us, to shape our lives so that the gift of Christmas is not forgotten or lost after a day or even a season.

Saying YES cannot be a one time act.  The love of God, the love of others, our love continues… love grows and keeps giving!

This Christmas, may we have the courage to chose love.  To resist the fear for opening our hearts to love Jesus, to say YES to the miracles that He places into small moments of every day.

May we never regret sharing God’s love with others, and may we be awed at the many blessing that will be showed upon us, not only at Christmas, but throughout our lives as person, family and people.

GOD is HERE, present among us; working within us, NOW.

Let the miracle of Christmas continue through our lives of faith, hope and love forever and ever, amen.