Readings:      Isaiah 9:1-6;     Titus 2:11-14;     Luke 2:1-14

A T.V. host shared this week that attending Christmas Mass, “always brings her to tears.” Not that we need to be overly emotional about Christmas, but if you think about… God becoming man is pretty amazing.

And why does God come to us?  Yes to save us, to gift us with life and eternal life.  God in the person of Jesus, comes to our world to remind us, “you shall never be alone again; God’s presence will be with you always.”

On this Christmas, as we do every weekend, we come to Jesus like the shepherds, like the three kings, like people of faith of the past… Today we come to Jesus.

And then we return to our families and friends, hopefully to tell of Jesus.  Jesus, our brother, our Savior…  Jesus, the way, the truth and the light…  Jesus who offers us life, mercy, love, peace and justice….

As a Homilist, one of the things I always look for is some thought or inspiration for my Homilies that we might take home with us, as we leave church.  Today’s thought comes from a friend, an Evangelical Pastor, who in his Christmas card wrote:

“My hope is that God might inspire some of your faithful to truly pray for one (or more) who have let their devotion drift or who have never trusted in Christ at all – to consider his Lordship.”

Great words for us to act upon this Christmas season and into the New Year:  Pray for one!

As the Angel said to the shepherds, “Do not be afraid!”

As St. Paul reminds Titus and us, “God is with us; be eager to share the Good News with all. Be eager to do good always and everywhere.”