Easter Sunday

What is Easter?  If we think of Easter only as remembering Jesus rising from the dead… Easter is just another day.  A holiday for Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, jelly beans, chocolate and dinner.

But, just as we have “rediscovered” Jesus a bit more this Lent; Easter and the Easter Season ahead reminds us that Easter and Easter Faith is an ongoing process.  Just like it took the disciples of Jesus’ day time to grasp that reality of Jesus’ resurrection, both in what it meant for Jesus and what it implied for them.  Ultimately, disciples of Jesus come to realize that they must continually bring Christ’s life to bear on everything they are and everything they do.

We are called by Jesus to not only celebrate his resurrection, but to celebrate the everyday resurrections.

Resurrections that happen when we recognize ourselves as forgiven sinners, who freely offer forgiveness and who truly believe that the evil found in our world will never have the last word.

Resurrections that happen when we lend a helping hand, instead of waiting for someone else to get involved.

Resurrections that happen when we grow in appreciation of the gifts and talents of others, that bless our lives and the lives of others.

Resurrections that happen when the person in need is given the time of day by us, as person, family and parish.

Resurrections that happen when we move from an attitude of “I and Me” to an attitude of “We and Us.”

Resurrections that happen in so many ways in our lives when we realize that we are not God and allow God’s grace and power to direct our everyday lives entirely.

May this Easter and the Easter Season to follow open our eyes and minds and hearts to experiences that lead us to know the Living Christ among us today and everyday.

May the Easter Season allow us to see the holy moments of every day, and to know that we too are called as disciples of Jesus to create holy moments every day that witness to life and eternal life.

Put another way, “we are challenged to live our Baptism by making holy the places where we live and work and have our being.  We the People of God, are to live “the Jesus” we know through goodness and kindness. (Vat. II)

May we continue to know the Risen Lord and through us, may others come to know the Risen Lord this day and every day!