Easter Sunday

The Creation account from the Book of Genesis, the first reading that we heard proclaimed in song last night at the Easter Vigil is probably my favorite reading from that Liturgy.

In creating “the heavens and the Earth” God saw the potential, the possibilities in what was being created.  The possibilities not only in the things of Creation, but the potential and possibilities in the us, His people, in each of us “created in His image and likeness.”

Like the Disciples of Jesus, we too are meant to share the Good News, not only that Jesus is RISEN, but that Jesus continues to live in our world, in and through, each of us.  Each us doing the very work of Christ “wherever we happen to be.”

Easter is filled with the promise of new things that can only be realized through love, compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice and peace.  Things that our world is desperately in need of today.

The empty tomb of Easter is the sign of perfect hope:

  • That in Christ all things are possible
  • That we can live our lives with meaning and purpose
  • That we can become the people God has created us to be…  whole, Holy, Christian (which was another name for Saint ).

God patiently waits as creation unfolds, as creation evolves.

May He see in our lives our love for Him and His love/our love for others.