Easter Sunday

Easter Vigil Scriptures

Genesis 1:1-2:2;  Exodus 14:15-15:1;  Ezekiel 36:16-28;  Romans 6:3-11;  Mark 16:1-7

It goes without saying that EASTER is the greatest event ever.  Yes, even greater than Christmas.

For today the Church, we the Church, celebrate the gift of not just life, but eternal life.   The gifts of faith, hope and love and so much more freely won for us by the life, death and resurrection of the God-Man:  Jesus.

Throughout the world thousands upon thousands of people will be received in the Catholic Church, this Easter 2015.  They will become, as they say:  “Catholic” through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

And here at St. Mary’s, Crescent, we welcome:  Linda, Roger, Nicole, Ed, and “MD” who are very much aware of the gift of faith, the gift of God’s love, the gift of God’s presence that they are sharing in tonight in a very special way.

Often as “Cradle Catholics” we can take our faith for granted.   But our RCIA Candidates and Catechumens reminds us to be grateful for the gifts of God:  celebrate them, appreciate them, live them… daily.

Pope Francis recently said of Holy Week,  “It is a time to enter into Christ’s way of thinking and acting.  Holy Week is a time of grace given us by the Lord so that we can move beyond a dull and mechanical way of living our faith and instead open the doors of our hearts.”

I think we can all identify with what the Pope shares about the routine of Faith that often robs us from appreciating, celebrating and living the gift of faith that was passed on to us in the past.

Easter Sunday, and the Easter Season ahead, is a reminder to all of us to open the doors of our hearts to living lives daily that are becoming more and more in sync the Lord.

We are all aware of personal, family, community, national or international situations that need the understanding, the forgiveness, the peace, the life, the love that only God can give.

Yet, as unbelievable as it sounds, Jesus asks each of us, to bring what the world and people hunger for to others through our Christ centered thoughts and actions today and every day.

Individually and collectively, we are called to give attention to some area of life that needs to be resurrected from the dead.  Who or what needs the Life-Giving touch of the resurrected Jesus-in-us?  Who or what needs the Life-Giving touch of the resurrected Jesus-thru-us, his Faithful Disciples of today and every day?

As Pope Francis reminds us:  “Let the Risen Jesus into your life.  Welcome him as a friend, with trust:  He is Life!”

Recently, a friend sent me an Easter Card.  The front of the card showed people sitting in their pews in church, among them was the Easter Bunny.  The front of the card said:  “Know how you can tell the EASTER BUNNY is RELIGIOUS?”

And turning to the inside of the card it said:  “During the Sermon, he’s all ears.”

Happy Easter!