Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 55: 1-3; Romans 8: 35-39; Matthew 4: 13-21



Like many of the Gospels, we hear them, but do we hear them?

Just maybe Jesus’ words to his disciples, “Give them some food yourselves,” are also words meant for us today.

We like the disciples of our Gospel today are often very quick to say we do not have the resources to meet whatever the need.

One weekend before Mass begins, you’re sitting in you pew, and find yourself praying: “God, please help the young couple next door.   Their baby is not doing well and they are back and forth from the hospital several times a day.

But, if you listen closely, you might hear God reply, “Why don’t you do something to help them?”

“I’d like to, but I have nothing.”

But you hear God counter, “You have a great recipe for steak tips.  Make a batch and take it over to them some afternoon.  They would welcome it.  You do have something to share.

One weekend during the Pastor’s Stewardship Report, you sigh to yourself, “Tell me about it, Father.   Money and time is tight all over.”

And in the quiet of the moment in your heart, you hear God, “So why don’t you lend a hand?”

“I don’t know anything about church work.   I have nothing to contribute.”

But God persists, “You could help clean the Church.  You could help with some maintenance items.  You could give an hour a week to help in the office.  You get along great with kids, you could teach or help out with the Faith Formation Program.  You could bring Communion to a parishioner at home.  And, you say: ‘I have nothing to give.'”

And what other examples are there that we could add where we say: I have nothing to give?  When in fact we do have something, more than we think to give.

When Jesus was confronted by his Disciples with the need to feed the crowds, Jesus first challenges them to give something from what they have.   And what happens?  The disciples and the people manage to scrape together a few pieces of fish and bread and with that Jesus works the Miracle.

The message today: God is challenging us, the people of 2014, as he did the people of the Gospel some 2000 years ago to give what we have, as little as we think we have or do not have, with faith.  For God can change what little we have into revelations of his care and love and ever presence in our midst.  Day after day after day as person, family, Parish and the world in which we live daily.