Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Scriptures certainly speak of mercy and forgiveness.  They share with us the forgiveness of others by our God… of King David who killed Uriah to take his wife as his wife and a sinful woman.

But I would suggest, these stories of the past are meant to be reminders to US the people of this day, that God’s mercy and forgiveness are not just meant for someone else, they are meant for each of us this day, every day.

Like the people of the past, we too prayed, as part of the Responsorial Psalm, “Lord, forgive the wrong I have done.”

Forgiveness by God is without a doubt unconditional, yet we know that the lives we live are meant to be lives of love of God and love of others as people who are the Lord’s Disciples of today.

As we hear Jesus says today, “Your Faith has saved you, go in peace.”  Go in peace and through our lives bring:  faith, hope, love, mercy, peace and so much more to one and all, each day, everyday.

It was said of Mohammad Ali, a devout Muslim, that each day he focused on doing good deeds daily.  Good deeds that would help in his journey to Heaven.  For sure there are many good deeds that we have, we should and we will, share in the days ahead because they are just practice for our eternal life.

Hopefully, deeds of never-ending mercy and forgiveness, that preach concretely the Kingdom of God here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Recently,  Pope Francis shared, “If God had a name, it would be mercy.”  May all the world know God’s name: Mercy,  because of the good deeds of mercy and forgiveness we live and share daily!