Feast of Christ the King

Scripture Readings:     Daniel 7:13-14;      Revelation 1:5-8;     John 18:33-37

Last weekend, as I have done many times over the past five years, I spoke about the “Kingdom of God.”  Today, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, but not a King in the usual sense of the word or the world.  For as even Jesus says to Pilate, “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

The Kingdom of God is marked by humility, peace, justice and love.  Qualities, that are often found lacking in our day.  But, like Jesus we can bring, by the lives we live, this humility, peace, justice and love to our world, if we choose.

Jesus chose to do so and was met with opposition, even death.  As Baptized people, Disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to continue to build and to maintain the Kingdom of God in our time and place.

The Kingdom of God is often found, in every act of selfless kindness and humble generosity.

We have often heard the phrase “choose life.”  Maybe this Feast of Christ the King is asking us to chose the ways of Christ our Lord and Savior, to chose a way of life that is in sync with Jesus Christ – the way of peace, humility, justice and love…

May we always, seek to be instruments of peace, humility, justice and love, it probably won’t be that hard to see, since opportunity abounds; but more importantly make it real today, this week and into the future.

May our good and God-like thoughts and ideas be experienced in real ways more and more, by more and more people of our daily lives.