Feast of Christ the King of the Universe

Today’s Feast of Christ the King of the Universe reminds us and asks us, does our faith imbue, guide, and direct us in being and becoming the person of God we are all called to be each day.

Do people really know that, flawed as we all are, our faith, our God, is not just something we say but something we live, something that envelopes us or at least guides in directing our life each day as person, family and parish.

Some days it is very easy to be a person of faith, who professes their faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Some days it is very very difficult to be a person of faith who professes their faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Some days, we find good in everything and everyone.  Other days, we can’t find a good word to say about anyone or anything, even our best friend Fido.

Some days, we find the grace to witness to our faith.  Other days, we can’t even remember that we are God’s creation.

Some days, we stand up for what we believe as disciples of Jesus.  Other days, we just forget that we are his disciples.

Some days, Jesus is our way, truth and life.  Other days, we forget Jesus is there for us always.

There is an very interesting movie in the theater now, a true story titled “Hacksaw Ridge.” The movie centers around Desmond Doss a private in the army, whose faith and practice of the faith are non-negotiable in his life.

As a contentious objector, he stills enlists in the Army during World War II.  But his faith continues to guide Private Doss as he trains for battle and while in battle.  The journey he takes because of faith is well worth our reflection.

One of the questions that came to my mind as I watched this movie was: How much does faith really guide, affect, change our lives every moment of the day? And are we willing to be inconvenienced in the living of our faith.

Hope you find some time to see this movie: “Hacksaw Ridge.”  It is at the least thought provoking.

For Private Doss, his faith, his belief in his Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ, the Ruler of the Universe was lived with complete commitment every day in every way.

Wasn’t this what Jesus did?  Live his faith in God, his Father and our Father daily.  A faith that even led him to the cross, as we see today’s Gospel.

Maybe the quote of St. Francis of Assisi can sum up today’s Feast of Jesus Christ the Ruler of the Universe is this:  “Live the Gospel at all times, if necessary use words.”

 Or as Pope Francis shared recently:  “It is not enough to experience God’s Mercy in one’s life; whoever receives it must become a sign and instrument to others.”

Put another way:  FAITH cannot just be passive… FAITH must be lived.