Feast of the Ascension

Scripture Readings:    Acts 1:1-11    Ephesians 1:17-23    Mark 16:15-20

For me the First Reading today from the Acts of the Apostles says it all, not just to the Disciples of Jesus some 2000 years ago but to us, the Disciples of today.

Jesus says to us, what he has said to other people of faith over the centuries, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses to the Ends of the Earth.”

Maybe if Jesus was here today, he might say, “Do you believe this?”  Hopefully our response is YES…

But like the Disciple of our reading today, we get distracted, and who would not have been distracted, as they watched Jesus – Ascend into the Heavens?

But then the “two men dressed in white garments,” bring the Disciples back to reality, when they say, “Time to live, time to share the message of the resurrected Jesus with others.  Boys get to work!”

Now in 2015, we are being reminded that we too have important work to do!  Sharing the Gospel message of Jesus with others, a message of life, love, acceptance, healing, forgiveness, hope, peace and so much more, to not just the people we call family and friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, parishioners and even strangers, but to everyone we encounter each day.

May we grow in being Faithful Disciples of the Lord and continue to be Witness to all that is good and all that is of God, to one another and all others daily.

May we never waste time in standing around, looking up into the sky or looking down, lest someone say to us, “boys and girls, why are your heads down, looking at your Smartphone, time to get to work in Witnessing to Jesus and the Gospel everyday.”