Feast of the Assumption of Mary

The prayer of Mary that we heard at the end of our Gospel today is usually referred to as the “MAGNIFICAT.”  Mary proclaims, magnifies the greatness of God in the saving actions for Israel in every generation, as she now adds to, enlarges the portrait, the picture of God for all to see.

Mary is saying to Elizabeth and to us, the Lord has done great things for us and this continues with the birth of my child, the Savior of the World.

This Jesus, who is our Lord and Savior.

This Jesus, who is with us and within us.

This Jesus, who needs to be proclaimed to the people

Not just 2,000 years ago, but even now 2,000 years later.

Today’s Feast might well get us thinking: how does my day to day life proclaim the greatness, the goodness, the love, the life of our Savior and God.  By the life we live each day, that speaks to our love of God, love of others and being Disciples of the Lord every day, in every place, with everyone.