Feast of the Epiphany

Scripture Readings:      Isaiah 60:1-6;     Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6;     Matthew 2:1-12

If I may dare say so, I would guess we are all “SEEKERS.”  We are all on a journey.

Today, we hear about 3 Seekers; 3 people on a Journey; 3 Magi… who leave their home to follow a star that will lead them eventually to the Christ Child.

Talk about people of daring, talk about people of faith.   They allowed a star to guide them.     (No GPS…No Cell Phone…No SUV…No Hilton Reservations…)

Truthfully, would we set out on such a dangerous journey and allow ourselves to be let by a star???       (Probably not, we’d probably stay home and watch the Playoffs)

But, eventually the Magi did find Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Our ancestors in Faith, who hopefully inspire our Faith, our daring, our generosity and our willingness to believe in God’s promises.

There is an ancient story that says the Magi were of three different ages:   Caspar was very young; Balthazar was middle-aged; and Melchior was a senior citizen.  When they arrived in Bethlehem, each entered the home of Joseph, one at a time.

When Melchior entered, he met an old man near his age, and they spoke together of memory and gratitude.

Balthazar encountered a middle-aged teacher who spoke passionately about leadership and responsibility.

When Caspar entered, he met a young prophet, and they talked about reform and promise.

After that the three of them entered together with their gifts.  There, they meet an infant with his mother.  Later they began to understand:  Jesus, the Savior, speaks to each of us at every stage of our life.

The elderly hear the call of integrity and wisdom.

The Middle-aged hear the call to generosity and responsibility.

The young hear the call to authenticity and intimacy.

Today we are reminded again of the call of the Lord is to us: the call to follow His lead, His way, His truth,  His life on our journey of life and faith, as person, family & Parish.