Feast of the Holy Family

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily from the Feast of the Holy Family: CLICK HERE! 

As we waited for the beginning of our livestreamed Mass today, our camera focused on the three figures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph at the front of the Altar. The Holy Family, the feast we celebrate today and the feast we share in today and every day.

As one priest I know shared, “How many of us feel we are living inside a ‘Holy Family'”?

I would guess that we feel that holy and conflict cannot go together.

There’s a series of commercials for foster parents that after the parents do something “silly or stupid” ends with, “you don’t have to be a perfect parent to be a foster parent.  There are plenty of kids and teens who would like to put up with you!”

I think it is safe to say that no family is perfect, whatever that means…

But families are meant to be places, homes, where faith, hope and love… where caring and sharing are fostered.

Families are meant to grow day after day, with some setbacks along the way, in love of God and one another and others…

Today’s feast is not about a family we cannot become. Today’s feast is about the holy family each of us are becoming…

A priest friend asked me to share in 10 words or less what my homily was about on this Feast of the Holy Family.

My answer was: THANK GOD for the GIFT of your family every day!


That was 9 Words……And if you want a tenth Word:    AMEN!