Fifth Sunday of Easter

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, also the date that we celebrated the First Eucharist for 25 children: CLICK HERE!

Today we hear Jesus share, “I am the Vine.”  The point is we are all connected with our God and with one another in so many ways as family and friends, as neighbors and parishioners, as a diocese, nation and global community.

This past week, Parishioners received from the Diocese a small pamphlet sharing some of the areas where the Annual Bishop’s Appeal supports… and then there is the “ask”… Asking for our financial support, that was reinforced by a mailing from the Parish that included a Bishop’s Appeal envelope, that we are asking every family of the Parish to complete and return within the next months or so.

St. Mary’s has been and continues to put its words into action by caring for others, in many ways, including through your support of the Bishop’s Appeal every year and for that I and especially the people assisted, say: Thank you!

Please do what you can for the 2018 Bishop’s Appeal… every gift is important.

If possible, it is hoped your 2018 Bishop’s Appeal Gift will be the same as last year.  If you were unable to support the Bishop’s Appeal last year, we ask you to seriously consider a financial gift to help those in need in our Diocese in the coming year.  (We need all the Parish to participate)

As a wise person reminds us, “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.”

You know, in each of our lives, we speak of many good and noble things each day.  Sometimes our follow through is spot on and at other times not what it might be.

 Whether it be our personal life, our family life, our faith life…  Just maybe we need to hear again the second reading for today, but we will use the children’s reading for the Mass, that we will be using at the First Communion Mass this weekend:  “Children, you show love for others by truly helping them, and not merely by talking about it.”