Fifth Sunday of Easter

Scripture Readings:    Acts of the Apostles 9:26-31     1 John 3:18-24     John 15:1-8

This weekend our St. Mary’s Parish, Crescent celebrates First Communion with our Parish Children.

I am sure we all remember our First Communion Day.

How we got “dressed up.”  How we anticipated receiving First Communion for the first time.  How you celebrated your First Communion Day.  How you looked forward to your second and third and fourth Communion.

Of course others have made First Communion before us and many will make First Communion after us.  I would hope that family or parish celebrations of First Communion not only remind us of a day in the past, but give us the opportunity to share our memories of First Communion and living our faith over the years with others, especially our children.

In a day and age, when weekly Mass attendance is becoming less and less, maybe First Communions are God’s way of reminding us adults that through frequent Communion – God wants us to be connected to us, God cares for us, God loves us.

We need the Eucharist in our lives often, to remind us that we need God to be an integral part of our lives lest we begin to think that we are God.

And Breaking News:    We are not God!

By inviting Jesus in our lives every week through our reception of Communion, the Lord Jesus helps us grow as persons, families & Parishes of:

Love…     Joy…     Peace…     Goodness…    Faithfulness…   and more…

What God gives us… God’s life and love and so much more thru Holy Communion, we are meant to give away to others daily.

Our God is a generous God who loves us so much that he wants us to have it all.  God has a bigger and better plan for each of us and all of us, as we continue to grow as the Body of Christ in today’s world.     A world that needs every one of us to bring Jesus to every person and place that we walk every day.

Jesus comes to you and me in the Eucharist so that we will more faithfully keep his Commandments, do what pleases God, and love God and others in our actions daily.

“Children:  Let us always love God and others in deed and truth!”