Fifth Sunday of Easter

As people of faith, we know our lives are to be directed not just by knowing the 10 Commandments or the Great Commandment to love God and love others as one self, but by living these Commandments.

Today St. John reminds us of “The New Commandment” that Jesus gave to his disciples. Not a Commandment that replaces the other Commandments, rather a Commandment that reminds us of our duty toward others.   Says Jesus:   LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Notice that this Commandment focuses on our fellow brothers and sisters.  This “New Commandment” is a call to ACTION.  Concrete actions of love that are so astounding that even in a skeptical world one might hear, “See how they love one another.”

For sure we love our family and friends… but how does that love for our fellow human being concretely happen in our lives as person, family, parish and Church each day?  It happens when we reach out in spontaneous ways or planned efforts to assist others, to be with others, to listen to others, as Faithful Disciples of Jesus.

It happens when we donate to food pantries, when we visit a Food Pantry to assist in serving a meal.

It happens when we drop off used clothing that others might use.

It happens when we visit the sick and spend time with someone who needs us to be present to them.

It happens when we give money to assist in times of tragedy and need.

It happens when we roll up our sleeves to be with others in “rebuilding” their home or their lives.

Today, every day, may we become more and more conscious of the moments of opportunity that come our way where we, or others in our name, show love for our brothers and sisters – with our time, talent and even our money.

Maybe this week, we can look for the ways God’s love has been, is, and can be seen in yourself, in your family, in this Parish family, in our family of faith… by the actions of love we do everyday…


 What followed in Church at the end of the Homily was a short video about the Bishop’s Appeal 2016 and who the Bishop’s Appeal is about: US as Person, Family and Parish caring and loving our Brothers and Sisters in the Diocese of Albany during the coming year in ways that we on our own could not accomplish, but together are capable of much good work, much love.


See How they Love One Another!”

That’s what our support of the Bishop’s Appeal In the coming 3-4 weeks makes happen in our Diocese of the coming year!

Please do what you can in the coming weeks to financially support the 2015 Bishop’s Appeal by returning your Bishop’s Appeal envelope with your outright gift or pledge.