Fifth Sunday of Easter

In our First Reading today from the Acts of the Apostles we hear of the inability of the Disciples of Jesus to care adequately for all  the people.  And their response is to seek the input – the discernment of the entire community to resolve the problem.  And the outcome was the seven men were to be selected to take care of this ministry to those in need.

My guess is their “town meeting” was full of many possible ideas as to how to serve their brothers and sisters.  For the early Christian community understood that the mission of caring and love for God and others was not an option but a responsibility of believers, for the followers of Jesus Christ.  The cooperation of the people brought about good results, good fruit.

As baptized people, as believers of today, 2017, WE in this time and place are asked to continue the Mission and Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Mission and Ministry that continues to grow, and meets the needs of today; not just our needs, but the needs of our brothers and sisters in any number of ways.

It can be easy to forget this or to feel we have done our part.  But the need to continue the Mission and Ministry of the Gospel is really not an option for we the present day Disciples of Jesus.

Jesus trusts us with his Mission and affirms our potential.  But there is a question that we need to ask: is our faith a one hour commitment to the Lord each week OR is our faith an integral part of our lives 24/7?

One on one and as a Parish Community, the needs of others unfolds before us in so many ways daily:

  • in a request from a stranger for some money for a cup of coffee
  • in a letter from an inmate, requesting greeting cards and stamps
  • in a request for a financial gift for the Bishop’s Appeal that assists the people and Parishes of our Diocese in so many ways
  • in giving someone a ride to the doctor or church
  • in visiting the sick

And on the list continues – today, tomorrow, and into the future.

This week, may we make the effort to live our faith twenty-four hours a day, every day.

And by the way, be ready of the good fruit it will bear!