Fifth Sunday of Easter

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily from the 5th Sunday of Easter: CLICK HERE!

The story is told of a mother waking her child up on Sunday morning for Mass:

Mother: Time to get up and get ready for church.
Son:  I don’t what to get up and go to church.
Mother:  Why don’t you want to go to church?
Son: The music is awful, the homilies are boring.
Mother (having had enough says): Nonsense! You have to go to church! You’re 45 years old and besides… you’re the Pastor of the church!

Why are you and I in church today?

First Communion, yes…  To pray…  To receive communion.

And all of this and more is true… But we are here because Jesus wants us to stay connected to Him and to one another.

Every week Jesus stays connected with us as he speaks to us thru the scripture/bible reading.  Each week Jesus shares his life and love with us when we receive Holy Communion: The Body & Blood of Jesus.  Food for our journey of life and journey of faith each day.

How did Jesus say it in the Gospel today, “I am the vine you; you are the branches.”

We are connected and we need to stay connected with Jesus and with one another and being Jesus people, Jesus asks us to bear good fruit, to be good, to do good for others everywhere and with everyone!

Finally, let me make the following suggestion for God’s children, that is all of us… every morning, when we jump out of bed we might say, “Jesus let me bring goodness and bring you to everyone I meet today in my attitude, words and actions. AMEN and AMEN!”