Fifth Sunday of Lent

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily from the Fifth Sunday of Lent: CLICK HERE! 

In year’s past one of the debates that surfaced was whether golf was a sport, an olympic sport. And about six years ago, golf received the recognition.  It was a sport!

In some ways, we can see golf as a nearly perfect sport. We often think that sports is not only about winning but also about seeing what we have inside ourselves.

In most every sport, I am reacting to someone else.  In golf, if is only me and the ball.  When I play the game, I know what is inside of me.

Well, we might think of Lent as a testing of what is inside of us…

Lent often reminds us just how far we have to go to respond to God’s invitation of love to truly be followers, Disciples of Jesus.

However, today’s reading might be more than how much we have inside ourselves. Just maybe the question is to what extent have we let Christ into ourselves?  To what extent do we let Christ work in us?

What did we hear today from the Prophet Jeremiah?  From now on God will place his law inside our hearts. God will do the work that we have not been able to do. God will give us His faithfulness.

And this came to be in Jesus. Jesus comes into human history. Jesus comes into our community of faith. Jesus comes into our hearts. Jesus takes on the very burdens that have broken us.

It is Jesus, as we hear, in today’s Gospel saying, “When I am lifted up… I will draw all people to myself”.

All people are the ones that God wants to be part of the new and eternal covenant that Jesus fulfills on our behalf.

The truth is, all people, every one of us, are in need of the love and power of God to radiate from inside us.

We all need the New Covenant of Jesus to be written deeply and permanently in our hearts.

What’s inside us? We often look inside and see inadequacies, hesitation, doubts and sin. We often see only ourselves, in our weakness, at work.

Lent teaches  us, reminding us, that our salvation is precisely learning how Jesus is at work in our hearts, more powerfully than any of our own efforts and actions.

As we cooperate with the grace and love of God more and more and more, we will see more clearly the Grace of God, as that which is deepest with us.

 What’s inside us?  What are we made of?

Sports may tell us one thing, but Jesus tells us the most important thing: His place IS inside of us, working mercy and grace.