Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings:    Amos 7:12-15;    Ephesians 1:3-14;    Mark 6:7-13

God throughout history has given us Prophets to deliver His message.  Prophets often rejected… Prophets to whom people turned a deaf ear.  Prophets who were too much for them, including Jesus.

Have you ever wondered, “If we had been there 2,000 years ago, how we would have acted?”

Even today, there are times when we dismiss insights, advice and spiritual counsel quite easily.  At times we even reject the wisdom that rings true, because it comes from a family member, co-worker, employee or employer.

Today, we pray that we will open our EARS and MINDS and HEARTS to God’s grace and to the Prophets whom God places in our lives who continue to reveal something of God’s love, mercy, beauty and so much more each day.