Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Scriptures often relate to us those times when the message of Jesus was a challenge to others, a message that was even dismissed.  Even for Jesus, it hurt to be dismissed.

Yet Jesus continues to teach us, to remind us, by His prayer, that he has faith in the God whose ways are not our ways.  And for centuries, the message of the Gospel has continued to be proclaimed through the actions of the people of faith.

Now is our time to continue to share the message of the Gospel, “of care and concern; acceptance and forgiveness; of life and love” with one and all.  Continuing in prayer that leads us to have faith in the God whose ways are not always our ways…

This past week, church leaders from across the USA gathered in steamy Orlando, Florida for a convocation focusing on “The Joy of the Gospel in America.”

A convocation that reminded not just all present, but all Catholics here in the USA, that we too are called to share the Gospel message not only through our words but most importantly through our actions.

We should never underestimate the power of concrete examples of faith lived in relationship with others by ourselves and by others.  For instance, many have made a financial gift or pledge to the Bishop’s Appeal (and if we have not, could we do so soon?) Hopefully, we know of one or two ways the Bishop’s Appeal assists the people of the parish or Diocese and shared that with a friend, a neighbor, our children, a co-worker, or even a fellow parishioner.

The Bishop’s Appeal that nurtures and sustains a culture of vocations.

The Bishop’s Appeal that assists in providing pastoral services to the Diocese.  For example, the Marriage Office & Marriage Programming.

And many times, we even go an extra mile to assist others in need, be it after a flood or hurricane or natural disaster.  Bishop Scharfenberger has asked that all parishes take up a special collection next weekend to assist those who were flooded this past week and other needs that will most likely happen in the coming winter months.

It’s human nature that we might not always agree with one another.  But most people do like a happy ending and living the Gospel, sharing the stories of the Gospel happening in our lives, our community, our parish, our Diocese, brings life to the words of goodness, caring and love.

This week, might we take a few moments to recognize how the greatest story ever told (God’s presence and love for us) continues to be lived by each of us and others and by our Church every day in ordinary and even extraordinary ways.

Might we also take some time to tell the Good News to another or others, maybe beginning with our children and grandchildren.