Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

To watch Fr. Joe’s Homily for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time: CLICK HERE!

Today’s Gospel shares with us the appointment of 72 people by Jesus to GO OUT and proclaim the Kingdom of God to all the nations.  72 is equal to the number of nations at the time of Jesus.

Jesus did not give them a Catechism to teach from.  Jesus asked that they share his word/his words with others through their LIVES, as well as their words.

Put another way, “Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words.”  A quote attributed to St. Francis of Assisi.

So today and tomorrow, may our lives speak the words of Jesus the Savior of the World to the people we associate daily.  Lives that speak loudly about our faith, hope and love; love for God, love of others, our forgiveness of others, life and eternal life, comfort and care and healing,  sharing from even the little we have, welcoming, etc…

Every weekend, Jesus our Savior and friend, sends us out in the world to “bring Good News” to someone, to others, to the world…

Imagine what can really happen, as we continue to live as Jesus asks of you and me and us in the days ahead.


Finally, I feel I need to end my homily with an apology of sorts.  Most know that on some occasions, I have mentioned the driving challenges on the Northway…

Well, I had an the occasion to be a passenger to and from Long Island from Kingston, N.Y.  As I said to the driver, I was appreciative I was not driving – I would have turned around a long time ago.  The driving illustrated by many was at a level of aggression, I have never experienced.  And hope it stays that way.

So, Northway Divers, your driving techniques may not be the best at times, but it is certainly not the worse.

But to all drivers, I would suggest:

Drive Carefully … Drive Defensively … Drive Sober … No Texting

Get to where you are going safely, even it takes a bit more time!