Fourth Sunday of Advent

On Friday, Father Dan Dwyer of the Busted Halo Show interviewed the author of the new book entitled: “Listen – Love – Repeat; Other Centered Living in a Self-Centered World.”

And if you think about it, the individual and collective story of Mary and Joseph came down to their listening to God, their listening to a Messenger from God – an Angel, as well as a deep faith as they did what God asked, not just what they “thought” they should do.

I hope we can appreciate, just a bit, the enormous difficulty that Mary and Joseph were “engaged” in.  Yet they chose God’s plan.  They chose love of God and love of the other.

I would suggest that the message we are being asked to hear today and to incorporate into our everyday lives is a message to live lives that are increasingly “less self-centered.”

Like Mary and Joseph, it all begins with listening (reflection/prayer).

Put another way, what is God and how is God asking me/us to bring His presence to an ever waiting world and people.

As we anticipate Christmas in a week, may we listen a bit more and love in action a bit more, living not just for one’s self, but living for others and then repeating the process, again and again into the New Year and beyond.