Fourth Sunday of Advent

Readings:      Micah 5:1-4;     Hebrews 10:5-10;     Luke 1:39-45


In reflecting upon today’s Gospel, I would suggest it offers us a model of friendship rooted in a shared Faith.  For Mary, too inexperienced, and Elizabeth, too old, there could be no rational expectation that God’s promises would be fulfilled through them: “you will bear a son.”  (One a great prophet: John the Baptist; one the Son of God: Jesus.  Talk about have famous relatives!)

And like the people of yesterday; so today we would probably say – impossible.  And so it was and so it is, but Mary and Elizabeth knew that they could not accomplish it by themselves, they did not limit God to their own ability or expectations.  They were empty enough to become full of grace – “God’s Grace.”

Makes you wonder if we are empty enough to become “full of grace” – God’s Grace… as we live our lives here on earth.  My guess is we are empty to some degree… and working on allowing God’s Grace to enter our lives, more and more and more.

Do not be discouraged.  “Be not afraid!”

Each day, do what you can, to allow God’s Spirit to enter your life as person, family and Parish, knowing that “nothing is impossible with God.”

Be ready to rejoice in the adventure ahead, just as Elizabeth and Mary did!