Fourth Sunday of Easter

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily for the Fourth Sunday of Easter: CLICK HERE!

Did you ever wonder why 3,000 people in one day accepted the message that Peter had to share with them that day some 2,000 years ago?

Remember Peter was someone many of them knew.  This is the guy who promised that he would never allow Jesus to suffer and who had sworn to stand firm.  And when Jesus was arrested, he hid, forgetting that he even knew Jesus.

But then came Easter and after meeting the forgiving and resurrected Jesus, Peter was a changed man!  Peter finally got it!

And now Peter was trying to help his audience to something more wonderful than they ever imagined.  Peter’s message was simply, “our God has come through in ways we never dreamed of!”

Peter was changed and the people knew it by how he not only talked but how he lived.

The message that Jesus came to offer is life and life more abundantly, was seen in the enthusiasm, the joy, the love, the care for not only this crowd of people that Peter, for the most part did not know, but for us.

A reminder, a message if you will, that we all need.

I was looking at these picture in the pews that you all sent it recently and I noticed one common denominator… Know what it is?  Everyone is smiling!  Everyone is happy!  Might I even say, most are enthusiastic about the picture taking.

That’s what Peter and the Disciples were like, smiling, happy, inviting, enthusiastic about all that Jesus did, but all that Jesus has to offer each of us and all us here on Earth as it is in heaven.

Maybe a thought to ponder this weekend is, “how is our faith in Jesus lived and shared with one another day after day after day?”  Starting with a smiling face, throughout the day today!  Continuing with actions of caring and sharing and encouragement that reflect that of the Shepard, Jesus, who offers us more than we could ever image, here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Let me end today with a story someone shared with me the other day.  They were at a big box store and as they left, at the red light was a homeless person whose sign asked for help, for food.  The person shared that they felt uncomfortable as their car idled at the light, as they drove away, they felt they had to do something…  So they drove up the road, stopped into a fast food place and got a $15 dollar gift card and then drove back to give the man the gift card, because they knew it was the thing to do.

And my guess is the person who did this felt right, felt good about their good deed but maybe more importantly, the homeless person who was helped, felt good also.  Maybe good that someone not only cared, but made the effort to care and maybe they both had a happier day because faith was put into action that day.