Fourth Sunday of Easter

Scriptures:    Acts of the Apostles 4: 8-12;       1 John 3: 1-2;       John 10: 11-18

This past week, Bishop Edward Scharfenberger shared on his Facebook page the following; God knows you and loves you and it’s personal.

I would suggest that the annual bishops appeal is our way of concretely as a committed disciple of Jesus to share with others directly and indirectly that, “God knows you and loves you and it’s personal.”

Shepherds care for their sheep, shepherds never abandon any of their sheep; and Jesus the Good Shepherd of today’s Gospel, like any Shepherd, cares for us individually and collectively.

As disciples of Christ, the more we share in the mind and heart of Jesus, the more we will act in his name, allowing the kingdom of God to unfold in the lives of all people in today’s world.

My thanks to Michael Wright for his sharing about the needs and the people that the Bishop’s Appeal addresses because each of us as person and family, care as Jesus cares for all his people.  As Jesus is our Good Shepherd, may we see our participation in this year’s Bishop Appeal as our way of being Good Shepherds to one another and especially those in need of God’s support and love.

Pastor’s Note:

This weekend we begin the annual Bishop’s Appeal that assists the people and Parishes of the Diocese of Albany, N.Y.     Hopefully all have read the Bishop Appeal brochure mailed to everyone entitled:  “We are ALL the Church.”   We ask and encourage every family of the St. Mary’s Parish, Crescent to prayerfully reflect on what your Personal/Family Financial Gift or Pledge will be to the 2015 Bishop’s Appeal.   With the participation of every family of our 1300 family Parish we can easily meet our Bishop’s Appeal Assessment of:  $ 101,975.00 in the coming months of May/June 2015.  Bishop’s Appeal envelopes for making our 2015 gifts were mailed to all Parishioners and are also available in the Church, also you may make your Bishop’s Gift on-line by going to the Bishop’s Appeal webpage on the Diocesan Website:   Thanks for your past generosity and support.  Thanks for your generosity and support in the coming weeks.     “Alone we can do so Little; Together we can do so Much!”