Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities are an important part of ministering to God’s people throughout the Capital Region.
Many of these opportunities are available to serve as service work hours that young people need for middle and high school.  If you/your child would like to use one of the following service opportunities for that purpose, please make sure we know ahead of time so that whomever is supervising can sign off on their sheet. 

Works of Mercy Projects – *These projects have temporarily been on hold due to the Pandemic.  We hope to put together service opportunities for our Parish by the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.  St. Mary’s, Crescent has organized a program in which parishioners will have the opportunity to give back to the community and serve others together as a Parish.  This program is open to ALL ages, from children through seniors, families, singles and couples. Check out the page for updated listings of service opportunities by clicking the title. Contact Kathy Andonie for more information on future project at or via phone at (518) 368-5513.

Pastoral Care – There are many ways that you can support our pastoral care ministry, even if you can’t make visits. Through card making or letter writing you can reach out to those in our parish who are home-bound and in the hospital. If you would like to learn more about what you can do please reach out to Jeanne Gracon at (518) 371-9632 or via email at

“Crafting” – We have ongoing “crafting” work available to help our human concerns committee prepare for the following year’s Giving Tree.  Work involves cutting out ornaments from construction paper, using a hole puncher and then threading yarn through the hole to create what hangs on the tree.  If you are a student in need of service hours and have the ability to neatly cut, punch holes and tie knots in yarn, call Rachel or Stephanie in the office and we’ll set you up a time to serve!  (518) 371-9632

Yard Work– Need service hours?  During the spring, summer and fall we are always looking for youth interested in helping out with yard work.  Whether it be here on the church grounds, across the street at the Rectory or next door at the House on the Hill.  Be sure to contact us here in the office with ample time to find a project for you and we would be happy to help you earn your service hours!  Contact Stephanie at (518) 371-9632 or via email at

Support our Music Ministry – share your beautiful voices.  We are looking for any musicians and vocalists that are out there.  First of all we need you in our music ministry here at the parish at the 10:30 mass on Sunday.  So, if you are in grades 9-12,  we encourage you to give it a try.  For our younger members, grade 8 and below, we have a youth choir that sings at our family liturgies, so get involved there!!!!  RSVP to Richard Putorti via email at