Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily from the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time: CLICK HERE!

When I began preparing for today’s homily, the first thought that came to me from today’s Scripture readings was: what does God ask, expect from us, from me?

And our readings certainly point us in several direction, including FAITH in God and the ways of God.

One writer, in speaking of faith, shared, “when he drives his car, he usually puts more faith in Ford then he generally does in God.”

Think about that for a second…

And one person in response shared, how tentatively would I drive, if my faith in the brakes of my car was on par with my faith in God.  How daring would we be with the accelerator?

Today’s Gospel begins with Jesus telling his Disciples to demonstrate their faith by giving everything away!  Pretty challenging for sure!

But maybe there is something much harder than giving away all our stuff, namely “opening our minds and hearts and lives to the ways of God.”

A growing and developing faith, may just call us to move beyond our current boundaries, be they mental, physical, theological or spiritual.

Truth is we can be attached, really attached to attitudes and beliefs just as we are to things.

As we live our lives day to day, where might our God be calling us to enter a situation with an open attitude or to let go of our hardened opinions…

I saw a Volkswagen commercial the other day that ended with, “drive something bigger than yourself.”  I thought it would be appropriate to end today’s Homily similarly:

Live your faith and believe in someone bigger than yourself — GOD.”