Palm Sunday

As People of Faith — Holy Week is what it’s all about.  To that end I would encourage everyone to seriously consider attending the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday Liturgies this coming week.  You can see this weekend’s Parish Bulletin for exact times and place.

On this Palm Sunday, let’s take a few moments to reflect upon St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.  If we were to sum up the Philippians reading, St. Paul depicts: “Jesus as the image of the self-emptying God, the God for whom no sacrifice is too great on behalf of beloved humanity.”

Our God wants us, asks us, to embody the HUMBLE actions of Jesus, the God who “emptied himself.”

As we continue our journey of life and faith, how might we make life a bit more about one another, about others and a bit less about me, me, me?

Jesus ultimately sacrificed his life for us and for all people.  We may not be asked to sacrifice our life for others, but at times we are asked to sacrifice a bit of our time, talent or treasure for another or others; be it family, friend or neighbor or be it someone we know or someone we do not know.

As Jesus brought life to people in any number of ways with his presence, his concern, his words and interaction, may we, his disciples of 2017, bring life to others through our presence, concern, words and interactions this Holy Week and beyond.