Palm/Passion Sunday

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 50:4-7 Philemon 2:5-11 Matthew 26:14-27:66


Lent often seems to center around us.  I gave this… I did this… I,I,I… But in reality, it is all about Jesus Christ.

Lent and the Christian life is however about our response to God’s grace, God’s love, God’s forgiveness, God’s faithfulness.

This Holy Week, may we walk with Jesus, as his disciples, through the central events of our faith. This Holy Week, may we grow in appreciation of how our God has and continues to be active in our lives as person, family and parish. Holy Week, reminds us that our world continues to be in need of knowing the real meaning of Easter:  A God who loves his people and offers them not just life, love, joy her on Earth; but eternal life, love, joy one day in Heaven.

Holy Week also reminds us that we are being asked to reveal this God of life and love to the people of our world today and everyday by the lives we live. May we bring this Good News to the world today, this week and always!