Reflection: 225 Miles for a Special Delivery

Rich Morgan and his wife, Julie, used to live in Battle Creek, Michigan, where their favorite pizza place was “Steve’s Pizza.”  Though they’ve moved several times in the last 25 years, they still considered Steve’s the gold standard.

The couple planned to travel from their current home in Indianapolis back to Steve’s, but had to go to the hospital instead.  They discovered that Rich’s cancer had worsened, and he didn’t have much time to live.  He was moved to hospice care.

A relative of the Morgans called Steve’s Pizza, hoping they could send a note to Rich to brighten up a trying time for him.  They did one better.  Manager Dalton Shaffer, the grandson of the original Steve, found out what Rich’s favorite pizza was and drove 225 miles to deliver it.

Within four hours, Dalton arrived at the hospice with a pepperoni and mushroom pizza for Rich and Julie.  The family was overwhelmed with gratitude, but Dalton said he was happy to do it and that they were in his prayers.  Rich’s family put out a message on Facebook thanking Dalton for “the epic pizza delivery and the unbelievable kindness of a stranger.”

Clothe yourselves with compassion. (Colossians 3:12)

May I sing Your praise with acts of compassion, Jesus!

Taken from Three Minutes a Day (volume 54) by The Christophers