Second Sunday in Advent

Scripture Readings:      Isaiah 40:1-11;     2 Peter 3:8-14;    Mark 1:1-8


Last weekend, in my homily, I suggested that during this Advent 2014 we make the effort to be alert to goodness… goodness and compassion; that we see, that we notice the goodness of God happening around us each day of Advent, and then in a short sentence or phrase write down at least one experience for each day.

Then come Christmas Day after all the gifts are open, take your advent list out and review it.  See in your list the ever present reminder that God blesses us every day, a day that is magnified in the Gift of Emmanuel – God is with us not only at Christmas but everyday.

This weekend our reading from St. Peter asks us to consider not just how others may be conducting themselves in good and holy lives, but asks us to hear the words:  “conduct yourselves in holiness and devotion.”

How do we live holy and devote lives?

How do we, like John the Baptist, prepare the way of the Lord?

Love God, love others is a good answer.  But how do we even do that?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once shared:  “We can do no great things; only small things with great love.”

What are we capable of doing, as a person, family, parish with great love.  What supposed small act of great love today, tomorrow, everyday will remind ourselves and others of the Good News that God loves, God cares, God always forgives and God comes into the lives of all people.  And like John the Baptist, we cry out not only in words but in the actions of our lives, that God continues to come to life in our world of today.

Like last week, I offer a suggestion for this week:  each day seize the moment whether planned or spontaneous to conduct yourself in holiness and devotion.

Take the time… make the time… make the effort, to do some more good.  Yes, I know we all do good daily, but is there one more effort you might consider?  Maybe there will be that spontaneous moment that we can respond to:

+ Like giving up that miracle parking space right there at the front door of the store.

+ Like acting upon that long delayed phone call or visit.

+ Like spending quality time with that person you have almost forgotten.

+ Like reaching out to a stranger in need.

+ Pray and ask God to direct you in acts of caring and sharing that remind others of the eternal goodness of God.

I think we get the idea….

In the end, everyone needs to know, everyone needs to be reminded that God continues to come into our world and their lives.  Be a voice of God’s presence to another, to others:  yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Love God, love others, be the Lord’s Disciples.