Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: CLICK HERE!

Today we hear from a number of people who were called by God:

  • The servant in the Isaiah reading, who may be Isaiah himself, speaks of being formed by God in the womb.
  • Paul sharing he was called by the will of God.
  • John the Baptist was called to make known to Israel that Jesus was the Son of God.

 Each of them dedicated their life to carrying out their call.  Each was called not just to proclaim the faith, but to broaden its reach.

Isaiah called the chosen people back to faithfulness, but God tells him it is too little; he must go further “that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth.”

Paul clearly takes Jesus’s message further, preaching to the wider gentile world and establishing Christian communities far and wide.

John the Baptist, in making Jesus known to Israel, prepares the way for Jesus’ mission to bring salvation to all.

We too are CALLED to do the will of God and to carry on the mission and ministry of Jesus as our Responsorial Psalm reminds us today, “Here I am Lord, I come to do Your Will”.

How are we called today and tomorrow to do the will of God?  I am sure you can give many examples, but let me offer two:

  1. In recent days, I overheard several men speaking about their daily prayers for their family, in particular they noted they pray for their children that they will find a faithful spouse.
  2. And in that same circle of men, two of them shared that they were very much involved with offering “summer opportunities” for adults over 21 with various  challenges.    (Even to the extent of taking off 4 weeks in the summer to do so)

 May the words of Psalm 40, “Here I am Lord, I come to Do You Will”.  (As person, family and Parish) words that have been lived by many people over the centuries.  Words that must translate to a lived faith continuing to give testimony to our faith in Jesus, the Son of God – “The Lamb who takes away the Sins of the World.”