Second Sunday of Easter

Scripture Readings:     Acts 5:12-16;    Revelations 1:9-19;    John 20:19-31

Today we hear Jesus remind his Disciples (of yesterday and today) of what they have heard before but had forgotten, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

Notice what happens when Disciples of Jesus REALLY BELIEVE, “The Apostles worked many signs and wonders among the people.  So much so that great numbers of people, were added to the ranks of believers.  They even carried the sick into the streets – hoping that even the shadow of Peter might fall on them” …they were all cured.

Love that image of the shadow of Peter even curing people!

The question today is not do we have faith… Of course we do.

Rather the question is, “how effective is our faith,” for us the people and families and Church of today?”

A “Thought for the Day” that I receive, shared: “Christianity is beautiful.  But we must make it our own, and find ways to live it that are joy-filled and practical.  Only then does the world around us become intrigued with the Jesus of long ago and far away, and recognize that He really is the same Jesus of here and now.”

The world in which we live, the people we encounter each day, are looking for the Jesus of yesterday in the Disciples of today… you and I.  Who have been sent by Baptism to bring the Good News of the Gospel to family, friends, to others daily.

How are we bringing the GOOD news of the Gospel to people in practical ways every day with joy, with enthusiasm?

How will we continue to grow in sharing in practical ways the gifts of God:  unconditional love, mercy, forgiveness, encouragement and on the list goes…  When our shadow is cast upon another, may it always be one of hope, of help, of healing.

There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit was active in and through the early Church.   There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit wishes the same for us and our time.

Who knows, maybe just walking down the street or into the office or into school, or onto the baseball field, or into our homes… will draw people closer to Christ.  Because our “shadow,” is the shadow of a person of faith who really believes they have been sent to bring the Jesus of yesterday to the people of today in ways that are joy filled and practical.