Seventh Sunday of Easter

Scripture Readings:       Acts 1: 15-17, 20-26        1 John 4:11-16        John 17: 11-19

We hear in today’s Gospel from St. John, Jesus praying for his disciples then and for us, His disciples of today.

Jesus prays for the four children we Baptize today, as do we: Parents, Godparents, Relatives, Friends and Parishioners.

Today, we, the church, pass on to these children the free and priceless gift of faith.  That same gift of faith that was passed on to us by our parents, by their parents, and by their parents before them.  People like us who receive the word of God but most importantly passed on the Word of God in “Word and Deed.”

I read this week a report that mentioned the decline of the practice of the faith in today’s society.  This report mentioned how, for many people, religion was not important to them… they were just disinterested in religion.

Could it be we have lost a sense of balance in our lives?

Within the last week, or so even the Pope addressed this lack of balance when he met with athletes, coaches, and sports fans at the Vatican,

At one point the pope shared, “Never let practice and competition get in the way of going to Mass, studying for school, being with friends, and helping the poor.”

The pope continued, “sometimes it happens that a boy or girl forgets about Mass, Catechism, because of workouts and competition.  This is not a good sign,” said the Pope, “because it means they do not have their priorities right.”

I’d suggest this morning that Jesus is praying for all of us, especially parents, to do our best in bringing Jesus, in sharing Jesus, with our children, our families, and our friends; with all people – not only by what we say, but by how we live daily.

Jesus prays that we will never be indifferent to our faith.  Jesus prays that we will genuinely make the effort to balance all that is good in life, but always including the God of goodness and eternal life in our Daily Living.

By the way, have you ever wondered why Jesus prays for us?  I think the answer is shared with us in today’s reading from St. John, “God is love, and whoever remains in love, remains in God and God in them.”

May we never be indifferent to our Faith; May we and our children always remain in God’s Love.