Seventh Sunday of Easter

Some 17 years ago I met a group of young teenagers from Long Island who often visited Stamford, NY to play golf with a friend of theirs whose parents had a second home in Stamford.

Over the years, our friendship grew and so did all us of in age and in careers.  Now adults, we usually gather for golf and dinner in August.  A few years ago, someone in the group asked Ryan (who was a car salesman), when was the best time to buy a car?  His answer was, “now!”  Not because of the date, but because that was your timeline.

I am sure we are familiar with the book of Ecclesiastes that speaks of various appropriate times and seasons, beginning with “a time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot the plant…”

Today’s readings allow us to add, “a time to wait for God to act and a time to act for God.”

With the Ascension of Jesus (that we celebrated this past Thursday and some Diocese celebrate this Sunday), with coming of the Holy Spirit that we celebrate next weekend on the Feast of Pentecost, we have been commissioned, if you will, to bring the Good News, the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior to family and friends, to co-workers, classmates, neighbors, to any and all we meet daily.  A message that often needs to be more than words, it is a message meant to be lived by each daily, as person, family and Parish…

When is the time to pray, to allow God to speak to our heart and to our plans not just for our lives as people, but our lives as people of faith as disciples?  Now is the time!

When is the time to witness my faith by what I do?  Now is the time!

When is the time to call a 2 shot penalty on yourself as Ernie Els did this past week (even though no one else would have).  We call that integrity – honesty…  Now is the time!

When is the time to put into practice weekly Mass, maybe even attending Mass as a family? Now is the time!

When is the time to drive more safely?  Now is the Time!

When is the time to love God, love others and be faithful disciples?  Now is the time!

What in our lives, as person, family and Parish is God directing us to LIVE, to BE and to ACT upon… not tomorrow, not next week, not someday… but NOW?