Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Scriptures:     Leviticus 13:1-2, 44-46;    1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1;    Mark 1:40-45

After reflecting on this weekend’s readings, I began to put some thoughts together for this weekend’s homily.  And the first thing that came to mind was the refrain from a song by Vince Ambrosetti, who will be here come mid-March 2015:  “Heal me Yahweh and I shall be Healed.”

Interestingly, I was speaking to an author of a book regarding Youth Ministry a few days ago in Baltimore and who appears, but Vince Ambrosetti.  (Seems he was in Baltimore for a meeting at the same venue I and our Faith Formation Director were.)

Anyways, the refrain:   “Heal me Yahweh and I shall be Healed,” fits very nicely with a quote of  Pope Francis this past week,  “Let God into your life.”

And in our Scriptures today we hear the Leper say to Jesus, “If you wish, you can heal me.” And Jesus says, “I do.”

God wishes to come more and more into our lives.  If we want him, God does not force himself into our lives, but God does wish to be part of our lives…

Lent is in the air, Lent is upon us… Just maybe this Lent we can focus upon — Letting God into our lives, a bit more.

We can let God into our lives in so many ways, including the Lenten Traditions of: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving and good works.

Lenten efforts that are meant to be part our everyday lives as person, family, and Parish. Lenten efforts that bring us closer to the Lord, to one another.  Lenten efforts that remind us of our need to be his Disciples in today’s world.

Maybe this Lent, we might consider this:

If someone watched you and your family for a day, would they know you are a Person, a Family of Faith; would they know you are Catholic?

Lent is a time to be noticed for our faithfulness to Jesus, to the living of our Faith.  Lent is more than wearing ashes on our forehead.

This Lent, what is the Healing we need to ask of God?

Do we need to LIVE more deeply and faithfully what we say we believe?  To be better examples, better role models of life and of faith to one another, but especially to our children and youth.

One might have to say the adults associated with the Chicago Little League who cheated and lied in order to form not just an all star team, but a championship team, did not do the right thing.

What’s that quote about integrity?  “Integrity” is doing the right thing, even if no one is watching.”

What’s the right thing that God is asking of us – as a Person, Family & Parish – not just for Lent but on our daily journey of life?

The Leper knew that Jesus would heal him.  I hope we do too or at least can get by our fears to ask the Lord to heal us.  Because the answer of the Lord is always the same,  “Yes, I do will it!”

This Lent, may we “Let God into our Lives”… (Really Let God In!)