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Second Sunday of Easter

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily from the Second Sunday of Easter: CLICK HERE!

Last Sunday we celebrated Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  As people of faith, we believe that at our Baptisms we share in the life, death and most importantly the free gift of life eternal.

Yet our faith needs to be more than a special day here and there like our Baptism Day or First Communion Day or Confirmation Day or our Wedding Day…

The gift of faith needs to be lived by us in this time and place, as others have done in the past and hopefully will do in the future.

In today’s Gospel we hear Jesus appear to this Disciples, people like us who were still trying to understand all that had happened.  People who were wondering if the death of Jesus was the endgame.

Well we know it was not the endgame and Jesus says it pretty clearly to his Disciples of 2000 years ago and to his disciples of every time, including us: “as the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

People sent to share and to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others day in and day out in word and deeds.

As the caption in this week’s Evangelist read: Living the Gospel, Changing Lives – Thanks to You!

The quote comes from Bishop Scharfenberger, but I could hear Jesus saying to each of us as person, family and Parish, thanks for living the Gospel and changing lives!

Thanks for sharing your faith, thanks for living your faith when at: home, work and school…  In your Parish, your community and our world.

“The Mission of the Church is to teach, to heal, and to sanctify” and the Mission of the Church “depends on the generosity of each of us”.   (Time, Talent and Treasure)

Folks it is Bishop’s Appeal time 2019 and as the Bishop encourages all of us to read through the BA Brochure that you received in the mail this week and are also available in the Gathering Area of the Church.

The Bishop asks us to learn how our financial gift to the 2019 Bishop’s Appeal in the coming month or so help change people’s lives for the better.

This weekend we are not looking to collect: $300,000,000 (like some 3 hour movie; Avengers: Endgame).  But we are being asked to prayerfully consider a gift or pledge to the 2019 Bishop’s Appeal that helps people in our Parish and our Diocese in ways we cannot do ourselves.

I think I heard someone just ask, “How much Father?”  Hopefully you can make a 2019 Bishop’s Appeal gift equal to last year and if you can increase it, please do so.

If you are new to financially supporting the Bishop’s Appeal, maybe the cost of a movie ticket, popcorn and a soda per month for the next year might be an idea to consider, to continue the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who, is the Savior of the World!

Every gift to the Bishop’s Appeal, no matter the denomination, makes a difference.

Do what you can in the coming few weeks in support of the Bishop’s Appeal.  And know that it is an important part of supporting those many efforts that make a difference in the lives of our Parishes and the people of our Parish and Diocese.

Thanks for living the Gospel and changing lives!

Second Sunday of Easter

Scripture Readings:     Acts 5:12-16;    Revelations 1:9-19;    John 20:19-31

Today we hear Jesus remind his Disciples (of yesterday and today) of what they have heard before but had forgotten, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

Notice what happens when Disciples of Jesus REALLY BELIEVE, “The Apostles worked many signs and wonders among the people.  So much so that great numbers of people, were added to the ranks of believers.  They even carried the sick into the streets – hoping that even the shadow of Peter might fall on them” …they were all cured.

Love that image of the shadow of Peter even curing people!

The question today is not do we have faith… Of course we do.

Rather the question is, “how effective is our faith,” for us the people and families and Church of today?”

A “Thought for the Day” that I receive, shared: “Christianity is beautiful.  But we must make it our own, and find ways to live it that are joy-filled and practical.  Only then does the world around us become intrigued with the Jesus of long ago and far away, and recognize that He really is the same Jesus of here and now.”

The world in which we live, the people we encounter each day, are looking for the Jesus of yesterday in the Disciples of today… you and I.  Who have been sent by Baptism to bring the Good News of the Gospel to family, friends, to others daily.

How are we bringing the GOOD news of the Gospel to people in practical ways every day with joy, with enthusiasm?

How will we continue to grow in sharing in practical ways the gifts of God:  unconditional love, mercy, forgiveness, encouragement and on the list goes…  When our shadow is cast upon another, may it always be one of hope, of help, of healing.

There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit was active in and through the early Church.   There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit wishes the same for us and our time.

Who knows, maybe just walking down the street or into the office or into school, or onto the baseball field, or into our homes… will draw people closer to Christ.  Because our “shadow,” is the shadow of a person of faith who really believes they have been sent to bring the Jesus of yesterday to the people of today in ways that are joy filled and practical.

Second Sunday of Easter

Scriptures:    Acts of the Apostles 4:32-35;    1 John 5:1-6;    John 20:19-31


We hear in the Gospel today, the well known story of Thomas.  The story that ends with Jesus saying to Thomas,   “Have you come to believe because you have seen me?  Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

For centuries people have come to believe in Jesus, the Savior of the World, not because they have seen the Lord.    Rather they, as well as you and I, have come to believe in the Lord because of others.

Others who have continued to bring Christ’s message to the world, to the people they interact with daily not by sharing facts or engaging in a debate; but people who have come to know the Lord,  people who have come to believe in the Lord because of the ACTIONS of People of Faith, people like you and me.

Each of us, by our Baptisms, have been sent by Jesus to bring His Gifts of peace and forgiveness and unconditional love, and so much more, by the lives we live daily.

Why do so many people become Catholic every year?

Why do we celebrate Sacrament for our children?

Because, People of Faith, Parents of Faith want to share the priceless Gift of Faith with others, with their children.  Not just by going through the motions of the Sacrament, but by living the Sacraments and living the Faith more and more each day.

We all need role models in our lives.  Good role models who will teach us not only about the things of the world, but also teach us about the things of God.

The thing is, being a role model is not something we turn on and turn off.  I’ll be a role model now, but not later…  I’ll be a role model when it comes to teaching my child about being a basketball player, but not a role model when it comes to living and practicing ones Faith.

There cannot be a disconnect here.    There needs to always be a connection between how we live our everyday lives and who we live our lives of faith every day.

Like the early Christian Community that grew in understanding and living what it meant to be Disciples, to be a Christian.    May we continue to grow in understanding and living what it means to be a Disciple, a Christian, a Catholic…

Time to stop talking about Faith… Let’s go and really live it!

Second Sunday of Easter

Scripture Readings: Acts 2:43-47 1 Peter 1:3-9 John 20:19:3-9


Our first reading today comes from the Acts of the Apostles.  The story of the early Christian Church, but it is also a story meant to prefigure the Church of the future, including us: the apostles, the people of God, the Church, the Body of Christ for today.
The Acts of the Apostles reminds us of our need today to care for others, especially those in need.
The Acts of the Apostles reminds us that that like Jesus, other people are our family.  We are in  this together, not alone, not apart from.
The Acts of the Apostles reminds us that our acts, our actions show and proclaim our care and our concern for others just as Jesus did and as other Christians have done throughout the ages and we are asked to do each day.
The Acts of the Apostles remind us if we do our part, if we work together, people are cared for, the gospel is preached, the gospel is made real and the good news of Jesus Christ is given life and blood.

This weekend much is going on in our church as we:

*Celebrate two new saints: Pope John the 23rd and Pope John Paul the 2nd

*Celebrate the profession of faith and confirmation of Rickie

*Celebrate the baptisms of two children

*Celebrate and support our soon to be confirmed – confirmation candidates

*And we are being asked to reflect upon our personal and family financial support for the Annual Bishop’s Appeal that cares for people of our Diocese in ways we cannot do alone – for the year to come.

I think the words of our new Bishop Edward Scharfenberger sum it up when he says:

I asked that we all be kind to one another; that we work to make our church as Pope Francis described:  a place of God’s mercy and love, where everyone can feel themselves welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live according to the good life of the gospel.

When we support and care for one another; when our lives give good example to our children, our friends, our relatives, our coworkers,  to strangers – we say in our acts (our actions) we recognize that Christ is among us.

Pope Francis also reminds us that words alone are not sufficient.  That no matter our situation in life we are bound by moral obligation to care for one another.

The example of Pope Francis challenges us live out those obligations through the work of our lives.  To alleviate poverty; to promote peace; to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the sick; and open new doors of opportunity and visions and possibility for everyone. (These things happen in our Parish, in our Diocese every day…may we always do our part to support these efforts through our personal presence and personal financial support).

May our actions today and every day be the Acts of the Apostles for 2014 and beyond.