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Parish Life Coordinator Appointed

As announced by Father Joe Cebula, last weekend: STEPHANIE HUGHES, our Pastoral Associate for Administration will be assuming the new position of “PARISH LIFE COORDINATOR” for St. Mary’s Church, Crescent on: January 1, 2022. This appointment is made directly by Bishop Scharfenberger, the Bishop of Albany.

The Parish Life Coordinator is given decision making authority in the Parish. They are responsible to the bishop who authorizes and oversees the pastoral care of all parishes in the diocese. Simply put, the Parish Life Coordinator holds the same pastoral leadership as an ordained priest pastor. They work collaboratively with the Sacramental Minister and Episcopal Vicar but, as leader, are responsible for the Life of the Parish.

Among the responsibilities of The Parish Life Coordinator are:

  • Coordinating Community Life: Building a spirit of mutual love & solidarity in the parish.
  • Liturgy – Prayer & Worship: planning, coordinating the Celebration of Mass, Sacraments, Wake Services, Funerals, etc…
  • Formation: Train ministers, form pastoral councils, participate in faith formation, sacramental preparation in the parish and attend formation sessions available for their own benefit.
  • Ministry: animate & guide parishioners toward service ministries, enable and empower, coordinate outreach and pastoral care of those in need, family ministry, promote social justice, etc…
  • Administration: responsible for all practical matters, communication, finances, records, plant and personnel management, legal concerns, etc…
  • Pastoral Presence: physically as well as emotionally available to parishioners.
  • Community Representative: represents the parish community within the parish, diocesan events, and in the local community.

Obviously, the responsibilities of a Parish Life Coordinator entail a lot, almost overwhelming. But, the key to success for the Parish Life Coordinator (Stephanie) and the Parish of St. Mary’s Parish, Crescent is working together, supporting & encouraging one another, getting involved individually and collectively thru the sharing of our time, talent & treasure, and praying with & for one another. As one well know priest reminds us: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!”