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Thirty-Second Sunday Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings:     I Kings 17:10-16;      Hebrews 9:24-28;    Mark 10:35-45

We all know that the living of our faith is a response to God’s love for us.  A love we share in from Baptism.  A Baptism that calls us to love God, love others and be faithful disciples.

Today we hear about two widows.  One not a believer (not Jewish) and one Jewish.  Both of whom “LISTENED to GOD within her heart and did God’s will.”

Today Scripture Readings, as always, give us some things to think about in living our lives today.  The Psalm, reminds us to “Praise the Lord,” for our God is a God who “keeps faith forever.”  Our God’s Love reached out to the oppressed, the hungry, the blind, the orphan, the widow.

The Psalm is meant to bring us to action or at least to ask the question as people who hear God speak to us.  What are we doing actively to reach out to others in God’s name?

In the First Reading, from Kings, we hear of a woman, not even a believer, who “LISTENED to GOD within her heart and did God’s will.”   She, with just about no food, shared with the stranger, what little she had.

In the Gospel, we hear of another woman, who also “LISTENED to GOD within her heart and did God’s will.”  She gave in the collection her last two coins of money.

What is God saying to us, as persons, families and Parish in our heart, in our collective heart?

This week, I was talking to one of our Priests from the Diocese who shared how excited he was to be going away for 3 weeks to Sudan in Africa to visit his brother.  I asked what his brother was doing in Sudan.  Well it seems he is the ONLY doctor in a hospital that cares for the people of the area.  This man, Tom Catena, has worked there for 8 years.  After googling his name, it shared that he was one of Time magazines’ 100 Most Influential People in the World.

He is the only doctor in an area of 750,000 people, working 24/7 at Mother of Mercy Hospital.  An area that is affect by rebels making it dangerous for the people who need to come to the hospital, yet they come.  Said one local Muslim Chief of Doctor Tom, “He is Jesus Christ.”

Seems to me, Dr. Tom listened to God in his heart and actively responded.

Well, we may not be called to live and work in Sudan.  But God is speaking to us everyday… amid the noise and busyness… amid the moments of silence… God is speaking to our heart.

Listen carefully and step forward with courage as Jesus did!  Step forward as Dr. Tom did. Step forward as others have.  Step forward – the example of each one here today is needed, in revealing the Kingdom of God here on Earth as it is in Heaven.