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Twenty-Sixth Sunday Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings:    Numbers 11:25-29;      James 5:1-6;      Mark 9:38-48

Jesus has some hard things to say in today’s Gospel…

Put another way, Jesus is saying that to turn away or to close our eyes to the evils or the needs in our own towns and cities is to ignore Jesus’ warning about what hands and feet and eyes are really for.

What are our hands and feet and eyes for?     Our lives really for?

A good place to start are the Corporal Works of Mercy:

+  Feeding the Hungry                      + Giving Drink to the Thirsty

+  Clothing the Naked                      + Giving Shelter to the Homeless

+  Visiting the Sick                             + Visiting the Imprisoned

+  Burying the Dead

And we say, I give food to the hungry; I put some used clothing in the clothing

bin; I shared my bottle of water with a friend…

But, as Pope Francis, reminded us this week, it is easy to get comfortable with life.  We need to continue to go forth and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life in the world of today.

  • Here in the Parish, in the newsletter sent to all Parish families a few weeks ago and in today’s Parish Bulletin we asked for parishioners to consider at least one area of Parish life that they might be involved in. Quite honestly only 2 new parishioners have come forth to date.

We all can do something; but we cannot do everything!

Where is the Lord calling you who are present here today to use your hands and feet and eyes for the Gospel, for the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ?

  • This week my secretary, Stephanie, repeated something I heard from Jane Hegener, our past parish secretary, “Father, we do not have enough Eucharistic Ministers at our weekend Masses.”

As I thought about this, it came to me, that if I shared that someone in our Parish was in need for food, your donations of food would be immediate and generous.

Well, our Parishioners are in need of spiritual food: the Body and Blood of Jesus, every weekend at every mass.    But it takes more than one person to feed God’s People.    It takes God’s People to feel God’s People.

I believe that here in this Church right now, at this Mass, there are many of you who could readily be a Eucharistic Minister once every 3-4 weeks, (as well as other Ministries).  That means, we need at least:  25 Parishioners at this Mass, to be Eucharistic Ministers, please heed the Lord’s  call to care for my people.  Please call the Parish Office or fill out the “Ministry Form” in today’s bulletin and return to the Parish within the next 10 days.     (Appropriate training will be provided)

Finally, the Pope said this past week, as he looked over the crowd of people at one of the Papal events:   Please care for one another, please care for the most precious people in the crowd:  the children.

Our children need, and will always need the good example of all of us, but especially parents.

How are, how can, our hands and feet and eyes, as adults and especially as parents foster and grow the faith in our children not just some of the time, but all of the time.

What example, what good example… are we giving to our children about the importance of practice of our faith, every day, including Sundays?

As we know, the Pope has been reminding us, that the Church is for everyone – all are welcome – all are invited – not just occasionally, but regularly.

Said, one author:  If each of us brings just one other person to the table of the Eucharist and to God… Everyone will be there.

May we each bring at least one person to this table and to God;  beginning with our children, our spouse, our friends.

May we all use our hands and feet and eyes for God and for the good of the Gospel more and more and more…

Let us daily be mistaken for present day Disciples of Jesus!