Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our Scripture Readings today share with us similar stories.  Two boys are dead and receive life back.  Compassion is shown the two widows and in reality, two people are brought back to life in each story.

In the time of these two stories, a woman without a husband or a son would be left destitute.  And in each story, God is not going to let that happen.  Both stories, speak to us about compassion shown to these woman in dire straights.

In both stories, “words” are spoken… “words” that have an effect:

Elijah, calls out to God, “Oh Lord, my God, let the life breath return to the body of this child.”

And Jesus says:   “Young man, I tell you, arise.”

In both stories, the words of life and compassion were seen in the effect, the results.  From the very beginning of Genesis, when God spoke, it happened.   “Let there be light, and there was light.”

Today, Jesus, The Word, speaks, “Let there be life” and life reappears!

It may be hard to see ourselves in the person of Jesus, but  maybe we can see ourselves in Elijah of the First Reading today…

As people of the present time, who are called to bring God’s love and compassion and mercy and so much more to the hurting and needy persons of today.  Jesus’ Ministry can only continue through us.

Then as I was thinking about what would be some concrete ways that we can reach out to others.  The phone rang in my office and the person on the other side of the phone was one of our residents at the House on the Hill. {residents next to the church for retired priests} He shared that he was hearing on and off beeping.  I said I would be over in a minute. Being the “best landlord” I diagnosed the problem: the battery in the smoke detector needed to be replaced.  And, having a prophetic moment before I went to the House on the Hill, I replaced the battery with the one I had in my pocket.

Mission accomplished, I when back to my office to send a bill to our Tenant for Maintenance Services…  Just kidding, to finish today’s Homily with a final thought: We can share life with people in many ways.

Seize the moments to do something good for another.  It may be something small, it may be something big, be it a kind word, an act of kindness, a great deed done… It may mean more to a person than you or I can ever imagine.