The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily from The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: CLICK HERE!

Today’s Feast of the Assumption of Mary is the belief that “at the end of her earthly life, Mary was taken up body and soul into Heavenly Glory”.

It goes without saying that our faith is centered in Jesus Christ, but our faith also teaches us that we can learn much from people of faith over the centuries.

So today we reflect upon how Mary has led the way for us as she gave her YES to God’s desire to dwell among us at the Annunciation.

Mary led the way in being the first to be raised, the first to share in her Son’s Resurrection.

Mary led the way as the Church’s best expression of full acceptance of the feminine.  No Mary did not push for Woman’s Rights, rather it was God who wanted all to know that all are equal, all have value, all have gifts and talents and abilities to bring to the others in every aspect of life.

The Song of Mary we hear in the Gospel today, the Magnificat, is much more than Mary proclaiming God’s goodness to her.  Rather, the Magnificat is Mary’s song of faith.  A song that praises God’s actions in all our lives and world.

Just maybe Mary’s song urges us to see God’s activity in the everydayness of our world.

Just maybe Mary’s song urges us to raise people up regardless of gender, race, color, or creed.

Just maybe Mary’s song urges us to continue to look for God among us in the times and places where we are living and working and interacting with people daily.

Like Mary, may our souls proclaim the goodness of the Lord not only for ourselves, but for ALL persons!