Third Sunday of Advent

To watch Father Joe’s homily for the  Third Sunday of Advent: CLICK HERE


This Third Sunday of Advent, is as we know, also referred to as:  Gaudete Sunday.     Gaudete meaning, “Rejoice.”

Even amid our personal and worldly concerns, we are reminded there is much to rejoice in and about.  A  God who blesses not only people like Mary, but a God who has blessed his people from generation to generation.

 As St. Paul encourages, “Rejoice always.”

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Expectation of Mary.  That was the name of our Parish before it became St. Mary’s.  As a matter of fact, in 2018, just a few days away, we will begin a year long celebration for the 150th Anniversary of St. Mary’s.  150 years of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived by oh, so many people for the past 150 years.

As we begin this year long celebration, we will begin in prayer.  A prayer for our Parish that all Parishioners will be receiving on or about January 1, 2018 in the mail.

Today on the news, I heard a story of a man who was sending $10 in the mail to a lot of different people.  He was asking them in his note to “pay it forward.”  In a sense he was asking them to initiate a moment or more of time to see the joy passed on to another or others.

We sing at this time of the year, Joy to the World.  Yet we know there could be more joy in our world.

As we have been checking off our holiday list of things to do or buy, have we notice the people who are touching our lives with joy?  Have we noticed those who are touching our lives with a smile,  a more upbeat interaction, a happy holidays or Merry Christmas?

Who might be the people that will experience a bit more or a lot more joy today because of our taking the initiative to say hello, or to smile, or even to look at another person – without having our head down looking at our cellphones.

And you know there is an interesting thing that happens when we reach out to others in joy…  We feel better, we feel more joy.

So my friends, this Sunday, this week and into the New Year, let us rejoice always!!!