Third Sunday of Advent

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily for the Third Sunday of Advent: CLICK HERE! 

Last Sunday at about 11:30 am I received an email from a family of the Parish, the email was not one of STRIFE, rather one of honest inquiry from the kids who had just attend Mass virtually.

The email shared that the kids are hoping I will wear rose vestments next week.  Actually one child said PINK, but the other two children corrected him!!!

So here we are:  Gaudete Sunday, in rose colored vestments.

Gaudete, rejoice, is a reminder to rejoice, to be happy that the Lord is near, the Lord has come!

But, I think there is much more to Gaudete Sunday.

Just maybe we are being reminded that the joy of 2000 years ago, is meant to be part of our world today, every day, even amidst personal struggles and even a Pandemic…

Where did we see joy this week?

  • It was surely in the smile of an infant having it’s picture taken at the mall this week
  • It was surely in the smile of the mother of that same child, not only as a proud mother but happy the picture taking was going so well.
  • It was surely in the agency workers who received some $5,000 in gift cards to assist those in need and that Joy will come Christmas.
  • It was in the virtual visit with a loved one.
  • Where did you see joy this week ?

But as Isaiah the Prophet reminds us today, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me;” … “the Lord has sent me to bring glad tidings to all people.”

Glad tidings, what does that mean?  It means to bring GOOD NEWS…

The Good News that God never abandons us…

The Good News that I, we, care about you not only in words but in personal witness and actions of: Joy, Love, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, and Faithfulness.

This weekend, we are being called to not only REJOICE  in the joy of others but to also be a cause of rejoicing, a cause of joy for others by the difference we make for another or others…

So today, tomorrow, this week in the year ahead:  How can we, how will we bring a smile to another with our words, expressions, and actions (big and small) that brings people to rejoice,  to give thanks that the Lord has come into their lives and our  world everyday!